Plain text for the web

A blog post, a comment to the same. An address that you want to remember, a number of the wonderful person you just met. Notes from the cooking class, your monthly expenses. A list of bugs for the next big thing you are working on. Text is everywhere. Plain text is wonderful and at times it is all that you need. Let me introduce you to Saola. A place to organize such texts.

In the spirit of UNIX, every thing is a file. Though unlike it, a file can contain other files. It makes no assumptions on how you format the file. Since it is plain text you can use it to store anything. Let me show you how I store my monthly expenses.

The good thing about files in your UNIX machine is that you can write scripts to extend them. And so in the same spirit Saola provides a scriptable environment. For now you can write scripts in JavaScript and maybe a lisp in the future. And here is how I generate a monthly report.

These scripts can be executed via an URL. For a file with id demo/k6qlvsr75u you can execute it like

curl -u -X POST '!demo/k6qlvsr75u'

These scripts can be used as triggers from other Websites. Say a git hook from Github or prehaps a build status from Jenkins. Saola provides a platform for your imagination.

If you like to try out the app go ahead to Saola. I have created a demo user ( Areyouserious1).

Have I piqued your interest? It is still in the very early stages of development but you can be the first few to join the beta.